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Calgary Votes 2013: Who’s running for school trustee

Calgary Herald

Featured Image: Ted Rhodes, Calgary Herald

September 24, 2013

On Tuesday, the City of Calgary released the official list of candidates running for public and separate school board trustee in the 2013 election.

The official list shows that 24 candidates are running for public school board trustee, and 14 others competing in the Catholic school district, which will see two incumbents be acclaimed.

(bold denotes incumbent, italics denotes acclaimed, * indicates open race)

Public school board candidates

WARDS 1 & 2
Joy Bowen-Eyrewebsite twitter facebook
Erin Stabbler – website twitter facebook
Roberta McDonald – website facebook

WARDS 3 & 4
Lynn Fergusonwebsite twitter
Rick Lundy – website twitter
Wilf Phillips – website twitter facebook

WARDS 5 & 10
Pamela Kingfacebook
Larry Leach – website twitter facebook
Najeeb Butt

WARDS 6 & 7
George Lanewebsite twitter
Trina Hurdman – website twitter facebook
Misty Hamel – twitter

*WARDS 8 & 9
Judy Hehr – website twitter facebook
Steve Chapman – website twitter facebook
Irina Kuperis
Steven Urvald

WARDS 11 & 13
Sheila Taylorwebsite twitter facebook
Randy Sweet – website facebook

*WARDS 12 & 14
Amber Stewart – website twitter facebook
Malik Amery – website twitter facebook
Christina Steed – website twitter
Todd Neuman – website twitter
Greg Humphreys
Helen Mowat

Separate school board candidates

WARDS 1,2 & Cochrane
Serafino Scarpinotwitter
Torr Haglund
Myra D’Souza Korman

WARDS 3, 5 & Airdrie
Linda Wellman

WARDS 4 & 7
Margaret Belcourttwitter
Emmerson Brando – website

*WARDS 6 & 8
Peter Teppler - twitter
Mark Franssen
Antoni Grochowski – website

*WARDS 9,10 & Chestermere
Cheryl Low website
Brad Gaida twitter

WARDS 11 & 12
Cathie Williams

WARDS 13 & 14
Mary Martinwebsite twitter
John Vyboh – website twitter facebook

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