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Youth Can Vote

Youth Can Vote Results!


October 22, 2013

Youth Can Vote mock election results

The results are in! As of 9 a.m. on Oct. 22, over 3,000 students in elementary, junior and senior high schools across Calgary have cast their vote as part of the Youth Can Vote program by Youth Central.

Many of the results were similar to the adult vote. Naheed Nenshi won the mayoral youth election with 72.6 per cent of the vote. Jon Lord came in second with 10 per cent and Sandra Hunter was third at 5.2 per cent.

There were five differences among the wards.

Chris Harper dominated Ward 1 at 55.5 per cent, with Ward Sutherland, who won the official race by a hair, had 24.2 per cent of the votes in the youth election.

In Ward 2, Bernie Dowhan won with 39.7 per cent of the vote. Elected Councillor Joe Magliocca came in second in the youth election with 34.9 per cent.

In Ward 7, Brent Alexander squeaked out a win against Druh Farrell by a difference of two votes. Incumbent John Mar won the youth election in Ward 8 with 80.6 per cent, with newly elected Councillor Evan Woolley at 12.9 per cent. Shawn Kao won the youth election in Ward 14, with 56.1 per cent of the vote.

“While the voter turnout may have been lower than our last election, Youth Can Vote is still going strong,” said Ros Doi, program director at Youth Central. “We’ve had such great feedback from teachers that it’s been an exciting and meaningful experience for their students. In some cases, they carry that excitement to their homes and encouraged their parents to vote. These young people are informed engaged citizens who understand the importance of exercising their democratic right.”

Complete results

Mayoral election:

3302 youth voted

Naheed Nenshi: 72.6%

Jon Lord: 10%

Sandra Hunter: 5.2%

Carter Thomson: 3.4%

Larry Heather: 2.3%

Milan Papez: 2.2%

Norm Perrault: 1.8%

Bruce Jackman (not eligible): 1.8%

Jonathan Joseph Sunstrum: 0.7%

Ward 1:

589 youth voted

Chris Harper: 55.5%

Ward Sutherland: 24.3%

Judi Vandenbrink: 13.9%

John Hilton O’Brien: 5.4%

Dan Larabie: 0.9%

Ward 2:

126 youth voted

Bernie Dowhan: 39.7%

Joe Magliocca: 34.9%

Shawn Ripley: 11.1%

Terry Wong: 7.9%

Richard Poon: 6.4%

Ward 3:

277 youth voted

Jim Stevenson: 92.8%

Tanveer Taj: 7.2%

Ward 4:

147 youth voted

Sean Chu: 52.4%

Gael Macleod: 27.2%

Michael Hartford: 11.6%

Blair Houston: 6.8%

Yuri Shterngartz: 2%

Ward 5:

88 youth voted

Ray Jones: 83%

Pritpal Dhaliwal: 5.7%

Bev Hearn: 11.3%

Ward 6:

51 youth voted

Richard Pootmans: 84.3%

Joe Connelly: 9.8%

Robert Bowles: 5.9%

James Istvanffy: 0%

Ward 7:

130 youth voted

Brent Alexander: 29.2%

Druh Farrell: 27.7%

Kevin Taylor: 23.1%

Joylin Nodwell: 20%

Ward 8:

31 youth voted

John Mar: 80.6%

Evan Woolley: 12.9%

Ian Newman: 6.5%

Ward 9:

97 youth voted

Gian-Carlo Carra: 34%

Richard Wilkie: 20.6%

Darwin Lahue: 19.6%

Stan Waciak: 13.4%

Jordan Katz: 12.4%

Ward 10:

278 youth voted

Andre Chabot: 69.4%

Numan Hussein: 18%

Nargis Dossa: 12.6%

Ward 11:

189 youth voted

Brian Pincott: 47.6%

James Maxim: 38.1%

Wayne Frisch: 14.3%

Ward 12:

137 youth voted

Shane Keating: 71.5%

Stephanie Kusie: 28.5%

Ward 13:

234 youth voted

Diane Colley-Urquhart: 49.6%

Adam Frisch: 27.8%

Scott Sorokoski: 22.6%

Ward 14:

287 youth voted

Shawn Kao: 56.1%

Peter Demong: 43.9%

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